Especially texts and comments of e.g. employee surveys provide valuable clues to opinions and ideas. Whereas these qualitative data were previously not analyzed at all or just very costly, our automatic analysis offer unforeseen opportunities. We are able to categorize, simplify, and make huge amounts of text data usable in a quick, consistent, and objective manner.

Benefit from our machine learning algorithms to gain deeper insights from texts and clearly visualize them. The specialty: In contrast to conventional textanalyses, which often define categories and topics beforehand, our methods exclusively use the data that you supplied – without being put into any pre-defined “pigeon-holes”.

At the same time, complex interactions between words, sentences, and complete comments are included that widely exceed keywords. Hence, the truly relevant topics are identified with the highest methodological quality. For precise and individual results.



Save time through the automation of processes, which are too time intensive if done manually


Decreasing expenses for increasing amount of data


Usage of unsupervised learning without manual pre-categorization

Informative handout on textanalysis of surveys can be found


In Topic Modeling unsupervised learning algorithms distribute texts into different topics. The individual topics are separated as clearly as possible from each other and intrinsically closed in themselves. These are calculated on the basis of word distributions, interactions of words in single texts and over all texts. The optimal amount of topics is determined by the coherence criterion.

The Sentiment Analysis detects simple moods and attitudes in texts. These are usually grouped into positive, negative, and neutral. The algorithm uses supervised learning that learned on previously categorized data.

The Part-of-Speech Tagger assigns words and punctuation marks of texts to specific parts of speech in order to better understand the structure of sentences. This algorithm uses information on context as well as definitions of words.



Efficient analysis:
We help you to unleash the full potential of your quantitative and qualitative data. With our methods for semantic textanalysis, we efficiently and quickly analyze employee surveys, customer surveys, and surveys in scientific contexts for you.


Identify novel target groups:
Benefit from social media and improve the impact of your marketing and advertisement campaigns with the help of our analyses.


Learn what is relevant:
Let us support you with automatic reporting including appealing visualizations. Our methods clearly summarize, among others, a big amount of text data and help you to individually categorize e.g. reports and emails.


Effective data protection:
We anonymize your documents and texts and protect personal data like no other. Remove e.g. names, critical locations, job titles, or personalized phrases and wordings in your data effectively.


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