AI-supported image classification for the sustainability analysis of buildings

Using advanced AI image classification and computer vision, we offer an innovative solution for assessing the sustainability of commercial buildings. Our approach enables automatic detection and analysis of building characteristics in order to make targeted suggestions for energy-efficient refurbishment measures.

Problem definition

Determining building characteristics that are crucial for efficient heating and cooling is a critical factor for the sustainability of buildings. The challenge is to extract and analyze relevant information from large amounts of data.

Solution approach

By using Sentinel-2 satellite data and OpenStreetMap maps, we automate the detection of buildings and the analysis of their surroundings. Our AI models evaluate the albedo of building surfaces and surroundings, recognize objects on facades and calculate their share for a comprehensive energy efficiency analysis.


Our model uses optical and infrared data to determine the albedo and the comparative analysis of Sentinel-2 spectra with laboratory data from plants to evaluate the surrounding greenery. This information is combined to calculate the heating and cooling properties of the buildings.

1. image classification

With Image Classification, we automatically identify and categorize objects in images to efficiently analyze detailed building characteristics.

2. computer vision

Our computer vision algorithms enable the precise detection and analysis of building structures and environmental features based on optical and infrared data.

Results and benefits

  • Detailed analysis of building efficiency: provision of precise data on energy efficiency and suggestions for sustainable improvements.
  • Automated data collection: Fast and precise collection of building data using AI-supported technologies.
  • Promoting sustainability: Through targeted renovation proposals, we help to improve energy efficiency and reduce the carbon footprint.
  • Automatic building detection and analysis
  • AI-based evaluation of albedo and façade proportions
  • Comprehensive proposals for energy-efficient building renovations

By combining satellite images and AI analysis methods, our approach enables a holistic assessment of the sustainability of buildings and provides valuable insights for environmentally conscious refurbishment decisions.

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