Dynamic market research analyses through AI-supported survey evaluation

In the ever-changing world of market research, we have developed an innovative solution that enables companies to measure and compare the relevance of their brands and the associations of their products through regular surveys. Our AI-powered analysis of open-ended comments from customers provides deep insights and improves the precision of results with each survey.

Problem definition

Companies need detailed and up-to-date information about the perception of their brand and products. The challenge lies in extracting relevant data from large volumes of open comments in surveys and making comparisons over time.

Solution approach

We offer an AI-based solution that analyzes open-ended responses in customer surveys to determine brand relevance and product associations. Through repeated surveys and the continuous training of our own models on a customer's specific data set, our analysis becomes increasingly precise.

The model

Our AI models use Natural Language Processing (NLP) to understand the nuances and contexts of customer comments. With each data set they process, the models learn and adapt better to the specific requirements of market research projects.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Enables the analysis and understanding of customer comments in order to answer complex market research questions.

2. dynamic model training

Continuously improves the accuracy of the analyses by training with new data sets from regular surveys, adapted to the specific needs of the customer.

Results and benefits

The application of our AI-powered analysis in market research has made it possible to significantly improve the depth and accuracy of insights into customer perceptions. Companies can now:

  • Measure brand relevance more precisely: Recognize how the perception of the brand changes over time.

  • Understanding product associations: Understand what values or attributes customers associate their products with.

  • Making strategic decisions: Make strategic brand and product development decisions based on sound data.

  • Strengthen customer relationships: By understanding customer opinion, more targeted marketing and communication strategies can be developed.
  • In-depth analysis of open customer comments

  • Development and customization of customer-specific AI models

  • Increasing the precision and relevance of market research results

This approach shows how AI and machine learning can transform the ability of market research to gain deep insights into customer perceptions and thus create the basis for informed strategic decisions.

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