Clean data

Identifying, correcting and anonymizing erroneous or sensitive personal data is extremely time-consuming for large text datasets. We have developed various AI algorithms to make data cleansing more efficient and accurate - with minimal effort!

Our services for cleaning text data



Our AI removes all personal information from your text data.



Compliance  Check

The data set is searched for compliance relevant texts potential jobs are marked and evaluated.



Sanity Check

The data is checked for sense and nonsense texts are removed accordingly.


Do you prefer to analyze data directly? Click here for our analysis services.

How our AI works


You will have most of the results on the table after a few minutes or, in the case of more complex analyses, after a few days.


Your data is analyzed reliably and absolutely objectively - without any loss of concentration or subjective perception.


With semantic analyses you get reliable statements about meaning and correlations in your data.

Include API

Mix and Match. If you already have your own workflows and systems for data analysis, we will be happy to provide you with the appropriate API for our services.

Own project in mind?

Let's talk! Co-Founder Alex discusses with you how you can put our AI to work for you.

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