In the age of digital marketing, it is becoming increasingly important to use technologies such as artificial intelligence to reach customers even better. Challenges such as the high complexity and dynamics of marketing campaigns as well as the need to collect and analyze relevant data from various sources can quickly become a downfall here. deepsight helps companies overcome these challenges and optimize their marketing strategies through the use of AI. Our expertise enables us to create personalized marketing campaigns, reach target groups more effectively and maximize ROI, merge and analyze data, and much more.

Use Cases Marketing

Social media monitoring

Use case for automated collection and analysis of social media data.


Sponsor monitoring

Use case for automated web scraping and attribution of sponsorships in sports.


Other fields of application

Personalized recommendations

AI can be used to generate personalized product recommendations. By analyzing the usage and purchasing behavior of customers, companies can make personalized offers and thus increase customer loyalty.

Chat bots

AI-based chatbots can be used to automate and answer customer queries. Chatbots can be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer customer questions and thus increase customer satisfaction.

Automated campaign optimization

AI can be used to optimize marketing campaigns. By analyzing data and information about the target audience, advertising campaigns can be automatically optimized to achieve the best possible results.

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For global brands

Market research

From process optimization to new development of AI supported or driven services, we are working on the future of market research with dvj insights.

"DVJ Insights focuses heavily on "The Why behind the What". deepsight was able to play a critical role in helping us and our clients harness the Free Associations and Customer Storyies captured by DVJ in large samples and use them to generate actionable strategies for brand growth.."

Stephan Knaeble

Managing Partner

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