Although AI has the potential to revolutionize the logistics industry, there are currently still many hurdles. Strict data protection regulations, lack of IT expertise, and other difficulties are imperative to consider. We specialize in solving these challenges and helping our customers digitize the logistics industry through the use of artificial intelligence. Our innovative solutions and expertise enable us to optimize logistics processes of all kinds and improve the flow of goods. Let's shape the future of the logistics industry together.

Use Cases Logistics

Find tariff numbers

Use case for customs tariff number search by simple text input.


Intelligent data matching

Use case for automated evaluation of doctor's letters.


Other fields of application

Inventory Management

Analyze and manage inventory data to ensure the availability of goods while reducing storage costs.

Freight cost optimization

Optimize freight costs and thus save costs.

Route optimization

Optimize transportation routes and schedules, making deliveries faster and more efficient.

Delivery time prediction

Access historical delivery data and make predictions for delivery times based on it.

Individual request

You haven't found a suitable use case or want to know if there are solutions for other industries? Challenge accepted. We develop the right answer - a solution that fits your requirements exactly.

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From process optimization to the new development of AI-supported or controlled services, we are working with Emons Logistics on the future of transport.

"Innovation and digitization are now part of the core business of many organizations. Speed plays a decisive role in this. Therefore, it is particularly important to have trustworthy, strong and competent partners in order to achieve one's goals as efficiently as possible. That's exactly what deepsight is for us!"

Tilo Hergarten

Emons GmbH, Head of Digitalization

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Dr. Alexander Meier


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