Human Resources

Digitalization has also taken hold of the field of human resources and offers enormous opportunities to make work processes more efficient and effective and to find new approaches to solutions. At deepsight, we specialize in helping this digitization process in human resources through the use of artificial intelligence. Our expertise enables us to automate and optimize HR tasks of all kinds, or simply evaluate text data on a large scale. This can save you time and money while increasing employee satisfaction. We look forward to helping you take your HR to the next level and shape the future of the working world together.

Use Cases Human Resources

Employee survey

Use case for automated evaluation of open comments.


CV Parsing

Use case for automated parsing of incoming CVs and matching with job positions.


Other fields of application


The processing of sensitive employee data can involve many problems under data protection law. We anonymize and pseudonymize this data to ensure safer further processing.

Application evaluation

Use AI to analyze and match resumes. Applicants can be evaluated and compared according to qualifications or other variables to make the application process more efficient.

Individual request

You haven't found a suitable use case or want to know if there are solutions for other industries? Challenge accepted. We develop the right answer - a solution that fits your requirements exactly.

For global brands

Market research

From process optimization to new development of AI supported or driven services, we are working on the future of market research with dvj insights.

"DVJ Insights focuses heavily on "The Why behind the What". deepsight was able to play a critical role in helping us and our clients harness the Free Associations and Customer Storyies captured by DVJ in large samples and use them to generate actionable strategies for brand growth.."

Stephan Knaeble

Managing Partner

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Dr. Alexander Meier


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