In an industry that is mainly characterized by complex projects and dynamic environments, the use of new technologies, in particular artificial intelligence, offers completely new potentials to optimize processes and reduce costs. We offer companies in the construction industry innovative AI solutions that help to increase the efficiency of processes, increase the degree of innovation in construction projects and detect sources of error earlier. 

Use Cases Construction

Risk Controlling

Use case for automated controlling of risk in projects.


Recognize redevelopment potential

Use case for automated detection of energy renovation potential in buildings.


Other fields of application

Service and maintenance

AI can be used to optimize the maintenance of structures and infrastructure. By analyzing sensor data, weak points and potential failures can be identified before expensive repairs are needed.

Quality assurance

Use AI to monitor and optimize the quality of building materials and construction processes. By analyzing data, deviations from standards can be detected and corrected before they lead to serious problems.

Energy efficiency

By analyzing data, optimizations can be made that reduce energy consumption, thus saving costs and improving the energy efficiency of buildings and infrastructure.

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From process optimization to the new development of AI-supported or controlled services, we are working with Emons Logistics on the future of transport.

"Innovation and digitization are now part of the core business of many organizations. Speed plays a decisive role in this. Therefore, it is particularly important to have trustworthy, strong and competent partners in order to achieve one's goals as efficiently as possible. That's exactly what deepsight is for us!"

Tilo Hergarten

Emons GmbH, Head of Digitalization

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