Consulting & Strategy

We advise on the identification of suitable AI application areas, the selection of technologies, the development of data architectures and the development of your data and AI strategy.

Our consulting approach:
Strengthening the understanding of AI in the long term

In a world increasingly shaped by AI technologies, we aim to empower your business with in-depth knowledge and practical strategies. Our expert consultancy focuses on providing you with a deep understanding of AI and developing customized solutions that transform your business processes sustainably. We offer clear, effective ways to make the most of the potential of artificial intelligence and integrate it securely into your existing systems.

Strategic support

Our range of strategic support and consulting services aims to support your company on the path of AI integration and digital transformation in the long term. We focus on embedding AI into core business processes, the strategic direction of your AI initiatives and the development of innovative products. Our in-depth knowledge in areas such as data protection and AI modeling ensures that you remain competitive not only today, but also in the future.

Our workshops

  • Process integration:

    We help you to integrate AI seamlessly into existing business processes.
  • Strategic orientation:

    Planning and implementing a long-term AI strategy that aligns with your business goals.
  • Product development:

    Support in the development of AI-supported products that can change the market.
  • Data protection and compliance:

    Ensuring that your AI applications comply with current data protection regulations

Does AI need its own strategy?

20-minute AI keynote speech followed by a Q&A session & getting to know each other.


What our customers say

DRA - German Broadcasting Archive - Workshop on automation with AI

"Thank you very much for the great workshop! We had a lot of fun and felt very comfortable with you. You structured and facilitated the workshop really well and we liked your calm approach to the topics."

Automation Team, German Broadcasting Archive

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