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We are deepsight, an AI consulting and custom coding company that is all about artificial intelligence, natural language and free text analysis.

Our AI solutions turn big data into valuable insights. To do this, we develop efficient tools and make them accessible to people and companies.

As tech junkies, we are fascinated by the possibilities AI offers. As scientists, we develop reliable systems. And as partners, we're here to provide you with just the right solution.

‍Because we believe in reading between the lines, in innovative technology, personal contact and that the best decisions can be made with intelligent insights.

Small enough to care, big enough to deliver

Data security

Safety first - the protection of your sensitive information is our top priority. The data processing runs securely encrypted via German servers, stored only for the duration of the analysis. Of course, you retain full sovereignty over your data at all times.


On time and to the point - with us you can rely on fast, reliable results. With deepsight's automated analyses, you can obtain valuable insights efficiently and cost-effectively, which we can also validate on request.


We come from a scientific background. As data scientists and AI experts, we are not only founders, but also chief developers and inventors of our AI. We are on fire for technology and are constantly challenging the status quo with our ideas and visions.

Dr. Alexander Meier - Co-Founder

Alex is a scientist. His passion for data and methods flows into the development of deepsight innovations. He has been researching in the field of Cognitive Science at the University of Osnabrück since 2011 with a focus on Computational Linguistics and Neuroinformatics. During his PhD in Business Psychology and numerous industry projects, Alex perfected these methods and brought them into practice.

David Krems - Co-Founder

David is an entrepreneur. His enthusiasm for new solutions makes deepsight services effective tools for companies. And he knows what he's talking about - after completing his master's degree with a focus on financial management in Cologne, he already founded and led the tech companies SnapCube and Snapnext. In his portfolio: customized hardware and software products as well as innovations in the field of photography, event and VR & AR.

Inputs become insights


Set intention

Which insights are to be gained? Based on this question, we put together the right data services for you. If you use the DataDesk, you can take over this part yourself.


Enter AI

Your data package flows into the suitably configured AI - ready for analysis. You either control this yourself directly via the DataDesk or we do it for you.


Data analysis

The AI now analyzes the data package exactly according to your specifications. How long this takes varies - depending on the complexity and scope of the input.


Get Insights

The result of the analysis is output by the AI. You receive your insights directly in DataDesk or from us as a secure download.

Our AI at work, no matter the industry, the right solution for every task.

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